How to Make Your E-transfer Payment
The Main Event...

Vision Board Creation & Goal Setting Workshop - Total $127

BUT ONLY $27.00 Reserves Your Spot

*Full up-front payment $107 (save $20)

In the General Toronto Area, 6 dates & Locations
(Refer to email instructions below)
Optional Add-ons
Check out these two incredible offers...

The Wheel of Life Assessment $17.25

Special, Exlusive Bonus Offer.  This is an excellent Success tool that will enhance your Goal Setting. (More Details Below)

The V.I.P Package $47.00

order with the Workshop you can receive an additional 1-hour semi-private session with Sandra at the end of Workshop, PLUS a TON of extras... (More Details Below)
If you have inquiries, sent these to
However, please send your E-transfer Payment to
Use Password "sandradalziel"
Send your email transfer payment to 
Use Password:  DYOL


Option #1
Vision Baord & Goal |Setting Workshop                              (Deposit only)  $ 27.00 CAD
*This guarantees your spot.  You only pay the balance after the first hour of the Workshop

Option #2

Vision Baord & Goal |Setting Workshop          Full payment w/discount) $ 107.00 CAD


V.I.P PACKAGE* (Optional- more details below)                                          $ 47.00

The Wheel of Life Assessment (Optional-more details below)                   $  17.25


What follow up to expect:

Once I have received your E-transfer payment for either $27.00 (an with either or bth of the Add-ons and or yur full payment of $107, you will receive an email confirmation with your confirmation receipt of payment.  Be sure to indicate which location and date you are registering for so we may send you the correct confirmations.

You will begin to receive your Workshop confirmation and preparation emails. Please allow 24 hours as this process is facilitated manually. 

If you have also taken advantage of the Wheel of Life Assessment an or the V.I.P. Package, you will receive a separate email with the instructions on how to receive your Package.

Do you want email instructions sent to you separately?  Click below.

WAIT! Limited Time Offer
Wheel of Life Success Assessment

You will want to Scoop Up my Wheel of Life Success Assessment

Because I so want you to have the success you deserve, 
I am going to discount this incredible offer to only
$17.25 CAD... WOW
A $86.25 Value for $17.25
A $86.25 Value for ONLY $17.25
Normally this incredible product is normally only available together with my full "Discover Your Destiny" program... however I so desire to see you attain personal success, that I want you to have this Wheel of Life Assessment.

The value of this power-packed Wheel of Life Assessment is $86.25, but because it is such an incredible addition to the "Vision Board Creation, Goal Setting Workshop" I know you will want to add it to the personal self-discovery process.
Here is What You'll Get...
Teaching on each of the following "Wheel of Life Assessment" to properly assess your exactly where you are at in each of the areas of your personal life.  
My desires is to help you to uncover your hidden dreams and turn your personal potential into success.  
In the Wheel of Life Success Assessment you will receive....
  • Discover what the significant areas of Life are
  •  Answer a series of questions in each area
  •  Discern your areas of life success
  •  Understanding areas for improvement
"Wheel of Life Success Assessment"
for only $17.25

An incredible 9-page
Personal Self-Assessment.

I want to make 
you my V.I.P
Here is What My V.I.P's Receive
In addition to the series of Workshop Pre-preparation emails that you receive with your registration of the Vision Board Creation & Goal Setting Workshop, my VIP's will receive:
1-hour Semi-Private Coaching Session
 Normally my Personal Private Sessions are $150/hour. 
But when you order with the Workshop you can receive an additional 
1-hour semi-private session with me
at the end of class for only
$47.00 CAD
HOWEVER, with your V.I.P. registration, you will receive a personal intensive question and answer coaching session with me at the end of our workshop.
A total Value to you of $387 for only $47, 
when you sign up today!

My Personal Guarantee

I am so confident in the value of this class that I will give you my wonderful guarantee.
If you are not satisfied with the value received in this VIP Package I will gladly provide you with a refund. All you need to do is provide a response to a detailed survey. Once that is submitted you will receive a "no-questions-asked refund" of the $47.00.
The Wheel of Life Assessment & V.I.P Package
 are limited time offers... it won't be available after you leave this page!
Such an incredible deal...
Time is running out... get your Course and Assessment today!
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