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Join the group of forward-thinking, success minded women!
Take your ideas and turning them into Success without overwhelm!
"Grownup Gals Chat
 Women desiring to refocus their life and/or want-to-be women entrepreneurs.
Through these ZOOM meetings, you will learn:
  • To uncover your hidden dreams and passions, become successful.
  • Discover the path to your personal and entrepreneurial realization.
  • Find balance and harmony in every area of your life
You will receive:
  • My most influential success strategies from 25 years of helping others uncover their hidden dreams and passions and turning them into success.
  • Insights from my “Design Your Own Life, Live Your Dreams” Masterclass
  • Access to free Success Tips & Tools to guide you through essential life-changing activities -- featuring guided times of prayer 
  • Powerful Mind-Renewal Insights and visualizations in Awakening your personal potential for success
  • ​First 4 Sessions you attend are FREE

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