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“Change Your Thinking,
Change Your Future”

. . . overcome the 'fear and failure-thinking' trap!

3 Free Webinar Replays
The Five Techniques to Stop Feeling Like a Failure
How to Turn Around Your “Stinking Thinking”
Learn to Love Yourself

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I am offering a free 3-part Webinar series where I will share my most influential success strategies from over 30 years of expertise in helping others with insecure, fear-based negative, self-degrading and failure thoughts to a mindset of self-confidence utilize your skills, talents,
and abilities to attain tremendous personal life success. 

This is an incredible offer of my most powerful mind renewal insights
and visualizations in awakening your personal potential for success. 
A 3-part Webinar Series I am calling “Change Your Thinking, Change Your Future” in which you will receive very practical tools and tips to get from a sense of defeat to confident strength and focus in every area of your life.


Sandra Dalziel, 
CEO and Founder
Christian Lifestyle Coach
Start-up Solo-perineurial Business Strategist

Join my
“Change Your Thinking, Change Your Future”
FREE 3-Part Webinar Replay

. . . overcome the 'fear and failure-thinking' trap!

Biblically Based, Holy Spirit Inspired Teaching


It's time to see yourself as successful, and brilliant individual you are.

The life that you end up with when the pandemic comes to a close may be very different from what it was before the crisis began. While we cannot predict what is coming with perfect certainty, we can develop much more clarity than you might expect about how you can live your life going forward. 

Perhaps it is time to create a life strategy and set some positive forward-thinking plans and develop the capabilities needed to meet a new normal in your life and set them into motion.

The truth is that you are more resilient than you may think. There is a way to get from where you are to where you want to be to attain the success that is in your heart.

To accomplish this, it may be a little bit of a tough journey, involving personal self-assessment coupled with some growth and decisions for inevitable course corrections, but when you choose to press forward, make these life-changing decisions, you can successfully plan your future.

This process is accomplished when we clarify our desire and then lead backwards from those desires to where we are today and establish a solid foundation on which to build. In the end you can emerge from a crisis situation to a life that is purposed and focused.

Changing your thinking from one of failure, fear and insecurity is foundational to changing your future.

“As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” Proverbs 23:7

If we can change our thinking, the way we see ourself, we can change our outlook for our future. A changed outlook, from one of fear and failure, to a viewpoint of positivity and hope will provide us with the ability to change your future.

I am offering a FREE 3-part Live Webinar, ‘Change Your Thinking, Change Your Future” in which we will explore how to: stop feeling like a failure, deal with fears that hinder your success, how to effectively change your thinking process, and more importantly we will learn what we need to do to love ourselves.  These are all very foundational to establishing our success in life.  When we take the time to ensure our foundation is secure, we will see the fruit in our life, our relationships, and our businesses. 

In these webinars we will learn……

"Change Your Thinking, Change Your Future"
3 One-Hour Webinars

#1- The 5 Techniques to Stop Feeling Like a Failure

One of the greatest hindrances to our attaining  success is the personal mental torment that we experience from failing at what we have tried or living up to someone else’s expectations of what success should look like.  In our first webinar we will identify these failure thoughts and learn the 5 techniques to overcome them.

#2 - Turn around your “Stinking Thinking”

Our thoughts have been generated from many sources and are often guided by our emotions.  In this life-changing webinar, we will identify the roots of these detrimental thoughts and learn how to effectively take charge of our emotions and change our thoughts.   When consistently applied to our life, these very strategic steps will filter out the negative and bring a very positive, empowering life. 

#3 - Change the inside and learn to love yourself

We cannot love anyone more  than we love our self and we cannot genuinely love ourselves until we know that we are loved.  We will learn what practical and spiritual steps we need to take to love ourselves.

Our life is our own and we need to take charge of it and begin to live again.  No matter what our past has been our future is bright and we can live victoriously.  

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Meet Sandra Dalziel

Sandra Dalziel is a successful Entrepreneur, Lifestyle Coach, and a Solo-perineurial Business Strategist who has 30 years of business and ministry experience. Sandra has been on stages of both large and small audiences and she's helped hundreds obtain focus and clarity in both their personal life and career.
In this “Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Future” live webinar series, we are going to deal with those looming negative thoughts of not being good enough and we will be uncovering skillful techniques to overcome adverse self-degrading beliefs. 

This webinar series is designed to provide strategies and tools to assist in surviving and overcoming a ‘defeated mindset’ to one of confidence and empowerment filled with hope. 

Sandra will uncover any hindrances and provide tactics on how to implement life-changing processes. You will leave each webinar with the exact steps and techniques required get refocused efficiently and attain your personal success. 

I Invite you to Watch My
"Change Your Thinking, Change Your Future."
Free 3-Part Webinar Series

Biblically Based, Holy Spirit Inspired Teaching

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